PARTICIPANT CALL- MEDS Cierzo Zaragoza 2022


MEDS Cierzo Zaragoza 2022

PARTICIPANT CALL- MEDS Cierzo Zaragoza 2022


MEDS (Meeting of Design Students)


July 30, 2022 12:00 AM - August 14, 2022 12:00 AM

Workshop, Architecture, Design, Art, Photography, Students, Regeneration, Local Commerce,



Cierzo is a strong wind, characteristic of the city of Zaragoza, that is formed by the difference in temperature between two local air masses - warm and cold. These materialize in the shapes and colors of the logo. They also represent two pockets of water, in memory of the geological origin of the Las Fuentes neighborhood.

 In MEDS Cierzo this wind will be made up of young artists from all over the world, who will tour the streets, squares, and places of the neighborhood for two weeks to renew the airs of the past. The urban and architectural context of Las Fuentes neighborhood is highly marked by its industrial origin and service to the core of the city.

Both characteristics led to the rise little by little of a neighborhood in which factories coexisted with social housing complexes. These aspects are still present today as the cover of a neighborhood that wants to redefine and update itself, taking advantage of its enormous potential.

It is these intentions that encourage us to propose different states of air, of winds, of gales. MEDS Cierzo has several premises, which aim to help the regeneration of the neighborhood through collaborative projects of architecture, art and design. 



The city of Zaragoza has more than two thousand years of history.  There are also the remains of some towns from the end of the Bronze Age, through which Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims would have passed. Zaragoza is the capital of Aragon, one of the autonomous communities in the northeast of Spain. 

To the north of the community are the Pyrenees, a mountain range that acts as a natural border between Spain and France. Currently, Zaragoza is the fifth largest city in Spain with around 700,000 inhabitants. Traditionally it has been a crossroads and, therefore, a strategic point in the transport of goods and people between the main Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. 

Geographically Zaragoza is located in the center of the Ebro river valley, in a semi-arid and basically flat area. In 2008, Zaragoza hosted the International Exhibition (EXPO) whose thematic axis was 'Water and sustainable development' and which attracted a large number of visitors to the capital of the Ebro.

This also meant that the river received special attention to improve the condition of the river banks and various areas of the city. Among the attractions include the experience of going for tapas in the Tubo old town after discovering unique places like the Basilica del Pilar, the Mudejar palace of the AljaferĂ­a, or the museums of the ancient Roman city.



MEDS looks for people related with all kind of arts and crafts who want to explore and learn throughout the workshop. During two weeks, participants will take part of the event under supervision of professional tutors who will guide the projects.

Feel free to choose the project which fits best with you!! This will be the starting point. Then, participants will work during two weeks hand to hand with their tutors, creating an international atmosphere, manufacturing and producing their own ideas.


The themes will be focused on sustainability, local commerce support and the revival of several urban spaces among others. The main idea will be, to reexplore and update Las Fuentes, taking advantage of its historic context, helping the regeneration of the neighborhood through collaborative projects of architecture, art and design. 

The wind, CIERZO, a special weather phenomenon from Zaragoza, will be carried out as an important point throughout the event. A strong wind which is formed by the difference of temperature between two local air masses - warm and cold. The workshops will contain issues related with water and wind (CIERZO), mentioned above.

These themes will be used as design concepts, which will be shown along the different projects, either as metaphors, through architectural movements, taking advantage of the energy that wind and water generate in a sustainable way, as sound strategies, or by introducing the air to enhance the proposals.

PARTICIPANT CALL- MEDS Cierzo Zaragoza 2022