EASA 1:1 2022


EASA 1:1 2022

EASA 1:1 2022

July 30, 2022 12:00 PM - August 12, 2022 12:00 PM



Călărași, România



EASA Launches Call for Workshops for the Summer Assembly EASA 1:1 . In its’ 42nd edition, the European Architecture Students Assembly [EASA] is holding its summer event on the wide-encompassing theme of 1:1.

Architecture students will gather in Călărași, Romania, for two weeks, exchanging ideas through a program packed with workshops and lectures strongly relating to the theme of 1:1, conducted by professionals from divergent spheres of activity.

EASA is currently the biggest architecture students’ network spreading all across Europe, and a cultural platform that provides the space for free exchange of thoughts, ideas, methods and new architectural practices. The yearly EASA event gathers students and professionals to form a community of participants, tutors, organisers, helpers and guests.

Each year, a theme of research is chosen by the National Contacts(NCs) of EASA. This years’ theme aims to explore the scale of 1:1: the scale of the human body, that nonetheless has no two bodies of the same dimension, but overall the landscape of surfaces we have created and interact with on a daily life defines the scale of 1:1 we know and understand.

1:1 wishes to explore the inaccurate accuracies of how we relate to the spaces we inhabit and objects we use. Starting from this, EASA will delve in the perception of scales and of the implications of spatial and social understanding taken directly from analyzing: Maps, Shifting Scales, Objects as Measuring Tools, and Prototyping Living Spaces.

The EASA 1:1 Open Call for workshops is asking for applicants to prepare thought-provoking proposals driven to react to public space in ways that make the local community reappreciate their surroundings, and play with our understandings of scales.


Proposals should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line “Workshop Proposal - Name of Workshop”. The deadline for submissions is on the 20th of March, 23:59 (GMT+2). EASA 1:1 is organised by EASA Romania, and will take place from the 30th of July until the 12th of August 2022.

And welcomes architecture students and young professionals, as well as students in other creative fields that are interested in the theme and spirit community of EASA. Open calls for participants, helpers, and guests will take place later in the year, and you can follow all updates about the event on easanetwork.org .